Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pettie Awards-Vote for a Great Cause!

As pet & rescue bloggers, we don't do what we do for recognition- but we do it to reach as many people as possible about our cause. In order to reach more people- I've redesigned my blog and integrated with facebook to try to get the word out even more about

a) what great pets pit bulls can be,
b) how many pit bulls are suffering in shelters and living with cruel owners, and
c) how unfair this disparity is.

I try to show this though my city's mismanagement of the public shelter system as well as through my fun and sometimes difficult times with my two rescued Pit bulls, Winnie & Bruno. Animal cruelty and abuse, especially at the hands of a shelter really upsets me- but the more people who know about it- the closer we get to seeing it end.

I'm excited about a competition I heard about called the Pettie Awards, hosted by It is such an amazing competition because the winners actually get to donate $1,000 to the shelter of their choice while increasing awareness for many positive causes. No matter who wins, the animals win.

So go ahead and vote!!! It is such a great cause and will result in $8,000 total going to various shelters.

Read about last year's winners here.

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