Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Please take 15 minutes out of your busy days to read this important article by No-Kill advocate, Nathan Winograd.

He tells the story of Ginger, a dog that was given a full-term abortion at NYC Animal Care & Control. Each of her puppies were killed by lethal injection after they were removed and their lives and deaths were never recorded. Ginger proceeded to bleed internally and almost died. (read more about Ginger, here.)

There are dozens of other stories of cruelty, neglect, needless killing and "mistakes" that cost lives of many animals. Rather than embracing social media and thousands willing to help, the ACC system has fired well-meaning employees to squash dissent.

It is so shameful that one of the largest, most wealthy, most animal-friendly cities on earth cannot sustain a No-Kill shelter system.

Today is a Animal Care & Control Board Meeting. Unfortunately, it is at 2pm so no one who works regular hours can attend. If you are able to- please consider going and make your presence a message to the Department of Health.

Location: DOH offices, 125 Worth Street, 3rd Floor NY, NY
Time: ‎2:00PM Tuesday, June 21st

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